Buying properties is one of the biggest investments people make in their life. It requires planning, research and proper budget. Investing in an under construction property needs even more caution on the part of buyers given the growing tide of buyers’ complaints against developers and builders. So when it comes to buying property in Raipur we must take steps ahead very carefully and should ensure that we are making our money worth effort.

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Here we have listed some top listed questions a home buyer must ask to real estate developers in Raipur.
    1.     Property Title –Under this question, you can ask buyer about legal rights. Does the real estate developers has the legal rights for property?Most of the times, developers started their property construction even if acquirement of the land has not been finalized. It means that 30% of land is yet to be completely bought and if you own a property in that part of the land it may create some legal problem. Many times some portion of land correspondences as commercial, residential, as a Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) or for non-real estate development. So make sure the property you buying is not having such type of problem. Now you can check RERA Number for each property. Every property and building should have its RERA Number, so you can check that.
    2.     Place has all approvals –Most of the times, real estate developers have to leave some space open for parks, recreations ground, for hospitals or other public amenities. It is important to check that some approvals are received before construction begins, like:Building approval, Water environment and Pollution, Height clearance and NOC from authorities like airport authorities.
    3.     Are the proposed design plans final? Have any future developments been planned?You should confirm that the plans real estate developers show are final. This includes unit plans, floor plans, garden, parking area and more can change. Hence these need to be verified also during construction and before final possession.
    4.     Is there any difference between Built-Up Area, Super Built-Up Area, and Carpet Area?Carpet Area is the area of the apartment that does not include the area of the walls i.e. the area of the apartment that a carpet can cover.Built-Up Area is the area of the apartment that contains the area covered by the walls.Super Built-Up Area contains the built-up areas such as the lobby, lifts, stairs etc. This term is therefore only applicable for multi-dwelling units, such as flat complexes.     5.     Financial worries – What are the finance structures and banks linked with the projects? What is the payment plan? It is important to verify the financial systems offered by the developers as well as the banks associated with them who will finance these. A healthy track record between the two is beneficial to buyers as well.

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Ask all above question before you finalized any deal for residential properties in Raipur. There are many developers offering residential projects in Raipurwith all amenities and facilities.

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