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Do you think what it look like when nature beauty and luxury comes together? Nature will create natural environment with its elegant splendor, while the luxury will add different diamond shine to the work of nature. Home among nature with luxury will be dream home of any person. Home with nature and luxury is one of eye-catching sight. This kind of thoughts give us excitement, and force to think that the property with such nature and luxury combination is there or not? Or it is just an imagination of our mind. Wallfort Properties presents Wallfort Wood, the residential projects in Raipur with nature beauty and decorated with luxury shades. It is a place which is in everyone’s dream. This project of Wallfort Properties is really wonderful. Wallfort Woods occupied total area of 35 acres. And 70 % off this area devoted to open space, greenery and nature.

Buying home in Wallfort Woods is an opportunity to bring you close to beauty of nature. This project delivers spacious 2 and 3 BHK flats in Raipur which are purposefully placed in the lush green environment. It makes this project extremely beautiful. These wonderful residences are like blessing for those who work for years in city pollution and crowd of the city. The calming restful sceneries and peaceful beauty of Barauda Raipur will work as nature’s therapy for the discolored people. No wonder this kind of residential properties in Raipur are purchased by the property seekers.

To one side the scenic beauty, Wallfort Woods has a many things to offer. The 2 and 3 BHK flats are packed with world-class amenities and provisions. Club House, Car Parking, Gymnasium, Community Hall, Temple and more facilities will make this project more popular. The well-developed social infrastructure keep all the essential facilities in the calling distance. In every facts, Wallfort Woods is an excellent residence which will give everyone an extraordinary living experience. Wallfort Properties a top real estate developers in Raipur always believe in customer satisfaction. Building designs of Wallfort Properties are extremely beautiful. So if you want to purchase property in Raipur then go explore properties of Raipur.

Best 4 localities for buying properties in Raipur

As real estate prices are increasing, it is required to know where to invest your valuable money.  If you have been in Raipur for a while now or planning to shift in Raipur city, this is the perfect city in Chhattisgarh state. If you are residential of Raipur then buying a home or flat is best decision. This city is expanding in all directions. The outskirts of city Raipur have now developed much beyond comprehension. Some areas have been the undoubted hot areas for buying a flats in Raipur due to multiple factors. So if you have made you decision on buying a properties in Raipur, this blog will be your guide to choose the perfect location for your home.Here are four of the best localities where you can find residential properties in Raipur

real estates in raipur

    1.   Bhatagaon Raipur

Bhatagaon Raipur, approximately 16.5kms from the center of city. It is one of the most sought after areas. Its closeness to the developed region such as Jaistambh Chowk, Raipur Railway and Tatibandh Chowk compliments its appeal. Bhawani International School and Jagriti Higher Secondary School are well–known schools in Bhatagaon Raipur. Sanjha Cuhla Family Restaurant and Madrasi Highway Restaurant are famous restaurants in Bhatagaon Raipur. Raipur Railway Station is just 6 kms away from this location, so it is the greatest advantage of this area. Raipur International Airport is at a distance 12 kms from Bhatagaon Raipur. Other facilities like hospitals and market make this place famous. The rates of properties  in this area is reasonable. One of the biggest real estate developers in Raipur have their most prestigiousresidential project name Wallfort City in this location.

residential properties in raipur

2.     Pachpedi Naka, Raipur

Located about 6.7kms from center of the city. New Rajendra Nagar , Tagore Nagar , Central Excise And Customs Officer Colony , Tikrapara , Shailendra Nagar are the nearby Localities to Pachpedi Naka.Almost all big real estate names are found in this location. Along with the on road connectivity, Pachpedi Naka is just 6kms away from railway station. The infrastructure here is very well planned to accommodate the population boom in the future. Ramakrishna Care Hospital is just 1 km away from Pachpedi Naka. For entertainment there are many Cinema Theaters in Pachpedi Naka like Carnival Cinemas, Shyam Talkies, Amardeep Talkies and more. Some of the educational institutes found here includes Kalindi College of Education, Maulana Azad College of Pharmacy and Modern Medical Institute College & School of Nursing.Wallfort properties has its best real estate project here. WALLFORT ENCLAVE-1 offers 2 and 3 BHK flats in Raipur.

flats in raipur

3.     Shankar Nagar, Raipur

Shankar Nagar, Raipur is one of the most sought after location in Raipur. The best quality of this location is, it is just 2kms away from Pandri Market. Railway station is just 5km away from this location. Kidzee, Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School and Indus World School are some educational institutes in this area. This area has also seen an increase in the number of convenience stores. This area also has some temples. While there are no major hospitals here, few small clinics are available. Wallfort Orchid is best real estate project in Raipur which offers2BHK & 3BHK apartments in Raipur.

residential properties in raipur

 4. Sarona, Raipur

Sarona Raipur is just 10 Kms away from Railway station. AIIMS is just 2Kms away from Sarona Raipur. Prudent Public School, Shaskiya Prathmik Shala and Krishna Public School are famous schools in Sarona, Raipur. It is best place in Raipur. Wallfort Sapphire is best real estate project in Raipur offering 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats in Raipur. 

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Buying flats in Raipur has greatly been simplified with everything available online from the viewpoint of the locality to the ever-changing rates. From an investment point of view, particular regions have seen almost doubling of prices within the short span of 5 years. All said, it is worthwhile to do your research and find the most suitable flats for sale in Raipur

Questions buyer should ask to a real estate developers in Raipur

Buying properties is one of the biggest investments people make in their life. It requires planning, research and proper budget. Investing in an under construction property needs even more caution on the part of buyers given the growing tide of buyers’ complaints against developers and builders. So when it comes to buying property in Raipur we must take steps ahead very carefully and should ensure that we are making our money worth effort.

real estate developers in raipur

Here we have listed some top listed questions a home buyer must ask to real estate developers in Raipur.
    1.     Property Title –Under this question, you can ask buyer about legal rights. Does the real estate developers has the legal rights for property?Most of the times, developers started their property construction even if acquirement of the land has not been finalized. It means that 30% of land is yet to be completely bought and if you own a property in that part of the land it may create some legal problem. Many times some portion of land correspondences as commercial, residential, as a Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) or for non-real estate development. So make sure the property you buying is not having such type of problem. Now you can check RERA Number for each property. Every property and building should have its RERA Number, so you can check that.
    2.     Place has all approvals –Most of the times, real estate developers have to leave some space open for parks, recreations ground, for hospitals or other public amenities. It is important to check that some approvals are received before construction begins, like:Building approval, Water environment and Pollution, Height clearance and NOC from authorities like airport authorities.
    3.     Are the proposed design plans final? Have any future developments been planned?You should confirm that the plans real estate developers show are final. This includes unit plans, floor plans, garden, parking area and more can change. Hence these need to be verified also during construction and before final possession.
    4.     Is there any difference between Built-Up Area, Super Built-Up Area, and Carpet Area?Carpet Area is the area of the apartment that does not include the area of the walls i.e. the area of the apartment that a carpet can cover.Built-Up Area is the area of the apartment that contains the area covered by the walls.Super Built-Up Area contains the built-up areas such as the lobby, lifts, stairs etc. This term is therefore only applicable for multi-dwelling units, such as flat complexes.     5.     Financial worries – What are the finance structures and banks linked with the projects? What is the payment plan? It is important to verify the financial systems offered by the developers as well as the banks associated with them who will finance these. A healthy track record between the two is beneficial to buyers as well.

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Ask all above question before you finalized any deal for residential properties in Raipur. There are many developers offering residential projects in Raipurwith all amenities and facilities.

Ultra-Modern Commercial Projects in Raipur

The count of commercial projects in Raipur is increasing high with the number of various industries in the region, especially steel companies and IT development companies. Raipur city has attracted many customers from Chhattisgarh. Therefore city Raipur is emerging as one of the leading destinations for commercial hubs. Many people from various parts of the Chhattisgarh are coming to Raipur for job opportunities. Raipur has many employment opportunities which leads increase in the commercial properties in Raipur.

commercial properties in Raipur

A number of prominent real estate developers in Raipur are opening premium commercial projects which perfectly fit the need of big businessman and big industries. A much talked about the project currently is Wallfort Ozone, developed by Wallfort Properties. It is a prestigious corporate complex situated in the heart of the buzzing city of Raipur. It is the most sought after business and office space in Raipur, and the only one of its kind. This beautiful and thoughtful creation serves as an ultimate destination for all business purpose. Wallfort Ozone is an unbeatable commercial projects in Raipur with Open to sky atrium. Including all facilities and Avant-garde amenities.  Prudently planned with perfect layout designs and architectural brilliance. This project creates an encouraging and positive work environment.
Ozone is a modern commercial building flourishing in the market while cooperative various users. The design is a truly new model for people to replicate in the city of Raipur. It sets new standards in terms of functionality, sustainability and flexibility over time.Wallfort ozone is one of a kind international design and perfect complex for modern day professionals and every business and shop type. This complex comprises of large and smalloffice spaces which is compact and convenient. The addition of high-end amenities makes this commercial spaces even more outstanding.
Grand entrance lobby is designed with elegant granite marble flooring and wall finishes and an elegant touch of design detail. It impersonates the art of distinction in space and light.The design unifies the concept of lifestyle working environment. The sense of scale and richness of detail will complement the local and international expectations. The side-loaded lift core allows for an efficient floor plate with column-free interiors. An exclusive double basement car park assures accessibility at all times. State of the art security system assures privacy and 24*7 security. Fully glass elevator and cabin elevators from a reputed company. Provision of tastefully appointed cafeteria serving the whole complex.  100% power back-up for common areas and Firefighting system.

commercial properties in raipur

With all above Avant-garde facilities and features, Wallfort Ozone is unique design among all commercial properties in Raipur. Providing an opportunity to experience a satisfying work environment, the complex flaunts erudition from tip to toe.

Technology Has Changed the Process of Selling and Buying Homes

Technology has changed our lives. With all of these upheavals, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better and more fun. Technology revolution has changed the way we do things. It just changes all things like the way we shop, the way we travel, the way we communicate and most importantly the way we buy properties. In this world of internet 45% off people uses technology to buy home, while only an 11% uses traditional methods like newspaper advertisement. Both methods has its own benefits, still we are confuse about which is more reliable and efficient method. Internet has changed the real estate marketing and buying.  

real estates in raipur

Whether it is buying residential properties in Raipur or anywhere in India, technology has made it easy. You can easily search for property on internet.
Home Searching Made Easy with Technology-In past years, we have to call to real estate agents for home searching. But now we have number of websites and listing online with all filters where we can find our properties with our customization like location of property, cost of property, size, amenities and more. This way you can find your ideal property without wasting time. You can compare various real estate developers and property cost and then can take decision.  We can easily check property images, video property fencing and also walk through of the property. Location map can help us to check surrounding market, school, and colleges and bank ATM’s, hospitals and more. You can request property visits through website, then business team will call you and fix appointment for you.Most of the websites have 3-D view of house, which gives more realistic approach to house-buying. This 3D view of a property gives the buyers an immersive walk-through of the property. This technology also make it easier for people who are living miles away from property. Drone technology made it easier. It is not just homes, but loans too need to be compared earlier. It helps buyers obtain loans without any unexpected surprise costs.

real estate developers in raipur

Internet has also the option of review so if you are buying property from particular real estate developers, then you can read reviews about them what other buyers or past buyers has experienced about their service.
Point of the blog is whether it’s buying flats in Raipur or any other part of the city, it is agreeable that internet has reformed the art of selling and buying a home.

Reasons to invest in real estate properties in Raipur

Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. This is the most well developed city in Chhattisgarh. Many people from Chhattisgarh wants to come Raipur for employment opportunities. Therefore it increases need of residential properties in Raipur. It is best city to invest your money in Raipur for long run. Property cost are continuously increasing because of high requirement of residential properties.

properties in raipur

Here are some reasons why you must buy a flat in Raipur:

  1.     Best Return on Investment (ROI)

Raipur leads the list of favorable investment destinations in Chhattisgarh due to possibility for high ROI. For affordable investment, investors are heading to Raipur with the promise of high returns. It is the peak time to invest in a property in Raipur as the property prices have alleviated due to the considerable number of unsold inventory and delays in approvals for new projects. Take time to check out all properties in Raipur and then head to best real estate developers in Raipur such as “Wallfort Group” for its popular 17+ projects in Raipur.

   2.     Improving property structure

Raipur has been also known for absence of infrastructure and poor maintenance of old infrastructure. But with time, things are changing. But now many initiatives had taken to improve infrastructure.   In some places, growth in real estate is beign driven by infrastructure projects. Real estate prices have almost doubled in the last 5 years at Raipur.

   3.     TransportationPublic and private transport

Network is very important thing to think before buying property. With an efficient network of local transportation such as railways, buses, and auto-rikshaws (both, private & public), Raipur well connected within the city, as well as outside.

   4.     Employment opportunities

Being the Capital city of Chhattisgarh, Raipur is growing rapidly in terms of opportunities. This has created great demand in residential properties, especially around major business hubs.

   5.     Affordable Premium Residential Projects in Raipur
Raipur also has premium homes at affordable cost. Wallfort Properties offers best amenities, excellent architecture and spacious apartments. With numerous business hubs sprouting in Raipur city residential and commercial projects in Raipur will soon see hike in prices.  

flats in Raipur

It is best place in Chhattisgarh to live with all amenities and facility. It has amazing connectivity to all parts of the city and in Chhattisgarh. Buy properties in Raipur and get high RIO.

What you should be looking for in commercial properties?

The first impression is the last impression, and your office space is your first impression. Office space can either make or break a business. The main factors for selecting the right office space are location, conveyance, facilities and more. Each and everything matters when it comes to the perfect office space.

Wallfort Group has the right kind of development for every business- Wallfort Ozone – acommercial complex in the heart of the city Raipur.

commercial properties in raipur

Here’s what you should look for in an office space – everything which makes The Wallfort Ozonesuch a perfect option for you:

1.     Best location

Wallfort Ozone is conveniently situated at Fafadih Chowk, Raipur with accessibility to both road and rail transport. It is located just 15km away from airport.

2.     24*7 Security (CCTV and Man both)

Most of the people ignored parking and security facilities. But it is most important thing we should check before buying commercial properties in Raipur. This commercial complex has power back-up.

3.     Facilities and Amenities

Amenities at the Wallfort Ozone are classy and modern. This complex is designed to facilitate a most productive and healthy atmosphere. Interior features such as entrance lobbies, design of building and Open to sky atrium make it perfect for business. The design is a truly new model for people to replicate in the city of Raipur. It sets new standards in terms of functionality, sustainability and adaptability over time.

real estate properties in raipur

If you are looking for a commercial project in Raipur, then you should visit Wallfort Ozone. This complex is perfect place for your business. With its classy designs and facilities it is the perfect match for your business. 

Why demand for 2BHK home is increasing?

Family Space:

The young generation of present time mostly includes of small families having 3 or 4 members. For small family 2BHK & 3BHK apartments are suitable for their needs. 1 BHK apartment is not enough for a couple planning for baby. Or if their parents to stay with them in the future. The maintenance of big 3BHK home is lesser as compare to 2BHK home. 2BHK home is easy and cost effective to maintain.

Convenient for Rent:

In big cities like Raipur, rents are very high, 2BHK flats in Raipur are more convenient for rentals. Office going people who are not married are always prefer to stay in nearby area of their office. As it minimize their expenditure. Most of time, they people share their apartments for the distribution of rent money. 2BHK flats or apartments are more affordable through investment point of view.Tenants who are having families also have strong preference of 2BHK flat. A 2BHK flat offers a healthy equilibrium between their prime hopes from a home in terms of space and budget availability. A 2BHK is more roomy and comfortable compared to a 1 BHK apartment and a lot more affordable as compared to a 3 BHK.

·Best after retirement :

At present, the idea of retirement house has emerged in the India real estate market. Old age people also prefer 2BHK flats after retirement as it is cost-effective for space and affordable also.

Investment criteria:

When there is choice between what is more better between 2BHK and 1BHK, 2BHK is better as it works on simple market principle. “Easy to Buy”, “Easy to Sell”. 2BHK homes make suitable investment option as the demand and supply cycle in market currently supports 2BHK.For those who are having temporary jobs, or they have to shift from one place to another place, it is easy for them to rent 2BHK rather than go to in for 3BHK.


Now a days most of the real estate developers in Raipur constructing buildings with lifestyle amenities. Amenities like community hall, swimming pools, playground, and more are part of these.

2bhk flats in raipur

Therefore, after reviewing this heavy demand of 2BHK apartments, most of the real estate developer build 2BHK and 3BHK flats in Raipur with superb facilities. Wallfort Properties has 17+ residential projects in Raipur. If you are looking to buy flats or apartments then you should discover Wallfort Properties’s residential projects.

What kind of house suits your family lifestyle?

Property investment is big task. Buying a dream house is everyone’s dream. Before making a choice, you need to consider many things from budget, location, facility and more. And with many options available today, it’s become even more challenging to select the right home.The most important thing, you should decide is the kind of property which suits on you and your family’s lifestyle. Choosing your property type beforehand can save your time and hassle. Once you had decided, you can look for various properties in your area.Here are the different types of houses you can choose:   

1.     Apartment

This is the most required type of home. An apartment is a best fit for you if you are looking for something that offers a sense of community, power backup with security and other amenities in a limited budget. You can eliminate luxurious facilitates and services that you not need. It also minimize your budget. Wallfort properties offers luxurious to affordable apartments in Raipur. You can explore Wallfort Properties and choose your favorite one.

flats in Raipur

   2.     A Builder Floor     

This will be a little costlier than an apartment, a builder floor provides you more choice than an apartment and can also be registered independently at many places in India. A builder floor offers the comforts of villa with the convenience of apartment.

home in Raipur

   3.     Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse apartment is most costly flat in a building, a penthouse is better option if you are looking for something which offers coziness, security and neighborhood of apartments with wide range of luxuries and amenities. But, your budget need to be much higher for this kind of property.

penthouse apartments in Raipur

    4.     Villa     

Villa is the most expensive option. It offer luxury and independence. If you do not  bother about budget then it will not take any extra efforts to maintain such a big  property. Villa is best option for you if your family lifestyle is luxurious and amazing.  Wallfort Properties offer luxurious villas as a residential properties in Raipur. If you are planning to buy villa in Raipur, then explore Wallfort Properties.     

villas in Raipur

     5.     Farmhouse     

Farmhouse is better option for them who want to live outside the city. Buying a farmhouse is best option if you want to live in natural surrounding and away from pollution.     

residential properties in raipur

So above are types of residential properties you can buy according to your needs. Wallfort Properties is best real estate developers in Raipur. Wallfort offers all types of properties in your budget with quality construction and design.